About the Coach

Heidi Wood

Licensed Social worker
Certified Positive Discilpine Parent Educator

My mission is to help parents help their children.  I offer assessments, private coaching and telephone support on parenting topics and parenting goals determined by the client. The purpose of the professional coaching relationship is to improve parenting confidence, to increase comfort with decisions and skills, to improve relationships with children and to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their families and communities.

When working with parents, I utilize the principles of Positive Discipline and draw from my years of experience as a clinical social worker.  As a child and family therapist, I am well qualified to address child behavior.  However, I’ve learned that the most effective way to change child behavior is to change parent behavior.

Children are motivated by the need to be loved, to belong and to feel significant.  They rely on adults to teach them the right and wrong ways to get those needs met, but they don’t come with an instruction manual.  Adults often end up parenting the way they were parented or looking for guidance from relatives, friends, books, articles, blogs and forums.  The sheer volume of information can be daunting, and much of it focuses on reward and punishment without addressing the underlying causes of childhood problems.

I would like to help you understand why you’re experiencing these problems and give you tools to deal with them successfully.

In the world of mental health, a child who misbehaves is assessed, diagnosed and treated.   There are legitimate reasons for diagnosis and individual treatment, such as when a child is suffering from anxiety, depression or trauma.  More often than not, however, a child is brought in by a parent or caregiver solely for “not listening” or “fighting with her brother” or “misbehaving in school,” to name a few examples.  In these cases, I find that teaching parents positive discipline skills is far more effective than doing individual therapy with the child.  When parents learn and apply the new skills, their children behave better.

After years of working in a system that labels many child behaviors as illnesses, I decided to create my own system, modeled after the Positive Discipline philosophy.  In this system there is no diagnosis, no labeling, no shame and no blame. Kinderwood Coaching is about education, about helping parents write the manual that wasn’t included with the child.

By hiring me, you’re getting a trained professional and a private coach all in one.  I work with all types of caregivers and families, including single parents, married couples, domestic partnerships, blended families, foster parents and relatives who are acting as parents.  Whether your child is 2 months old or 20 years old, it’s never too soon and it’s never too late to help them become their best selves.