An assessment takes place in the client’s home, via phone or via Skype.  The purpose of an assessment is to determine what services are best for the client’s family.  Children should not be present during the assessment and should not be able to overhear the discussion.  This is so adults can speak freely about their concerns without discouraging the children.  

If the coach recommends parent coaching and the client agrees to the service, the assessment will include a discussion about coaching practices and preferred styles, defining goals, and determining how to best move forward in creating a healthier, happier home. 

Coaching Program

Coaching can take place in the client’s home, via phone or via Skype.  The purpose of the coaching program is to work on improving parenting confidence, increasing comfort with decisions and skills, improving relationships with children, and teaching young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their families and communities.  The program involves the coach and parents or caregivers.  There may be times when the coach recommends the inclusion of the children for learning or observational purposes.

Phone Support

All clients are entitled to one free 15-minute phone consultation per coaching week.  A coaching week is defined as a week during which an assessment or a coaching session has taken place or will take place.  The client will call the coach at the prearranged time at the telephone number given.  The consultation has a variety of purposes, including a general check-in, progress updates, questions, concerns, support and encouragement.  Phone consultations should not take place where children can overhear.




Heidi is also available for consultation, lectures and workshops at schools or other orgranizations.  Talks and workshops can be customized for most any topic relating to children and parenting.  An example would be a talk at a preschool for parents and teachers about the importance of self-regulation for school readiness.  Other topics could include dealing with tantrums, separation anxiety and for older children, how to manage the transition to middle school.  Please contact Heidi via email for further details.